Floating Cooler

Floating Cooler

Price:  $249.99


Hose ‘N Boats


The sexiest HOSE mounts available and our most popular product! This sleek stainless steel hose mount is sure to dress up your dock and keep that tripping hazard off of the deck! Installs and minutes and lasts a lifetime! Marina approved. Marina recommended.

EZ Flag Bloxx

Price:  $69

Make your dock stand out with our EZ Flag, a must-have Dock Accessory. This customizable dock post accessory allows you to proudly display your flag, adding a personal touch to your boating environment. Easy to install and durable, it’s an essential accessory for every dock.

Eye in the Sky Bloxx

Price:  $59

The easiest and most secure way to mount your dockside security cameras. Also works great for solar panels, speakers, lights, and much more. Simply attach the mount to your dock post, attach your security camera using the DockBloxx provided marine grade 316 stainless steel screws, and you are ready to go in minutes! Never worry about zip ties failing and losing your valuable assets.

Tube Blox


Securely store your tow-behind on your dock with Tube Blox! Simply fasten the Bloxx to your dock post and attach the built-in, heavy duty rope loop to the quick-connect on your tube to securely store your tube and keep it out of the way. Includes a heavy duty velcro strap on the back to securely store your rope.

Wife Saver

Price:  $99

Make life easier on the dock with ‘Wife Saver,’ one of our most popular Dock Accessories. This customizable dock post accessory provides a secure holder for life jackets, floats, or hanging plants. Dry out your vests before stowing to eliminate mildew or just to keep your dock more organized. Can hold up to (8) life vests with holes for carabiners (sold separately). The “arm” is fully collapsible when not in use. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Angler Bloxx

Price:  $129

One of our most popular DockBloxx! Simply mount the (2) Bloxx to your dock post to store (6) fishing poles! One Bloxx goes low, the other goes high to accommodate various length poles. Angler Bloxx even have receptacles to store your pliers or other common fishing tools. A must-have for the casual dock fisherman. Angler Bloxx not only store your poles, but keep them handy for kids and minimizes the potential for people or pets stepping on the poles or the dreaded hook in the foot!

Fishing Bloxx


Fish smarter not harder with Fishing Bloxx! This dock-mounted holder cradles your rod and keeps it at the ready for when that trophy catch comes swimmin’ by. You’ll have your hands free to tackle whatever else catches your eye, all while knowing your pole’s safe and sound. Now that’s some serious angling convenience!

1 – 2 or 4 Cup Bloxx

Price:  $55 – $85

For those who enjoy their beverages while chilling on the dock, ‘I Like Big Cups!’ is an ideal addition to your Dock Accessories. This dock post accessory provides a secure place for your drinks, preventing spills and adding convenience. It’s more than just a Dock Accessory – it’s a lifestyle statement! Available in multiple sizes. Stay Thirsty My Friends!

Dog Bloxx

Price:  $109

Share your love of the water with your pup! Dog Bloxx’s stainless steel, dock-friendly bowl sets are the perfect companion for your pet’s sips and snacks. With single and double configurations for both food and water, it’s sure to keep your furry first mate full and hydrated! Dog Bloxx come with all the mounting hardware and Stainless Steel Bowl(s). GO DAWGS!

Neat Cleat Bloxx


Sail away with confidence with our Neat Cleat Bloxx 6″ stainless cleat mount! This ultra-durable stainless-steel construction is a surefire way to keep your boat, canoe, or other floating device securely moored at the dock so you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to go on a last-minute hunt for your kayak or paddle-board. It’ll be the most reliable mate on your dock!

Smash Bloxx

Price:  $99

Managing waste on your dock can be cumbersome. Make it a little easier with Smash Bloxx! This heavy-duty can crusher easily mounts to your dock post and helps minimize those big bags of trash to haul away. Smash your cans for easy recycling or just to reduce the size of your trash haul. Pair with Bucket Boxx to mount a 5-Gallon bucket to keep your trash secure and out of our waterways!

Elevate Your Float Bloxx

Price:  $179

Tired of dealing with Big and Bulky floats? Elevate your dock experience with ‘Elevate Your Float,’ a unique addition to your Dock Accessories. This dock post accessory allows you to securely hoist your floating mat, keeping it secure, out of the way, and ready for use. One Bloxxx has a pulley that goes high, a 2nd Bloxx has a cleat and mounts lower. Comes with all hardware, 3/8″ braided hoisting rope, and heavy duty 3-Point harness. Marina approved. Marina recommended.

SUP Bloxx


Safely store your paddleboard with ‘Wa’SUP?’, a must-have dock accessory for paddleboarders! This customizable dock post accessory provides a secure holder for your paddleboard, ensuring it’s always ready for your next adventure. Consists of (2) DockBloxx and paddle board cradles with heavy duty lashing straps to keep your board secure. Pair with “Banjo Bloxx” to keep your paddles neatly stored and always secure. Don’t forget about the Wife Saver Bloxx” to let those life vests dry!

Kayak Bloxx

Price:  $179

Safely store your kayak with Yak Bloxx’, a must-have Dock Accessory for kayakers! This customizable dock post accessory provides a secure holder for your kayak, ensuring it’s always ready for your next adventure. Consists of (2) DockBloxx and kayak cradles with lashing straps to keep your boat secure. Pair with Banjo Bloxx to keep your paddles neatly stored and always secure.

Paddle Holder Bloxx

Price:  $189

Banjo Bloxx are the perfect dock accessory to secure your paddles, brushes, brooms, rookie sticks, and anything else that uses a pole. Banjo Bloxx come with (2) Bloxx. One goes high, one goes low to provide (2) secure mounting points for each pole. Each Banjo Bloxx kit will hold (5) devices. Never lose an expensive brush or paddle again!

Wash Station Bloxx


Our Ultimate Wash Station is the perfect Dock Accessory for cleaning time. This dock post accessory includes a hose, brush, and cup holder, providing a comprehensive solution for quick and easy boat washes. Never drop another brush in the water and always keep your drink securely and readily available!

Bucket Bloxx

Price:  $129

Bucket Bloxx was inspired by one of our loyal customers who wanted a better solution to manage trash on the dock. Designed to fit various styles of 5-Gallon buckets, Bucket Bloxx is width adjustable and has a base bucket support that is also height adjustable. Perfect to use as a trash receptacle or a secure place to keep your wash bucket. Cross this one off your Bucket List!

EZ TV Bloxx

Price:  $149

Game Day will never be the same! Quickly, Cleanly, and Securely mount your TV without unsightly zip ties, hose clamps, or bungee cords! Comes with heavy duty DockBloxx mount and Heavy Duty Articulating TV Mount. Can you say “Dock Envy?”

Technical Specifications:

  • Height Adjustable Brackets: The TV mount features 3 levels of height adjustment after installation, ensuring your TV will be positioned at the right height for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Wide Compatibility: This full motion TV mount fits most 26”-70” TVs up to 77 lbs with VESA mounting patterns 100×100 to 400x400mm. 
  • Full Motion Flexibility: Featuring +5°/-15° tilt and +/-90° swivel, the flexible TV bracket helps to minimize glare and enjoy better viewing from anywhere on the dock. Extend the arm out 19.51” for viewing or retract it back to 3.53” to save space.
  • Strong & Durable Construction: The TV mount features security lock screws to secure the TV to the mounting plate to avoid sliding or falling.

Fan Bloxx


Let’s face it, it gets HOT on the dock! Our Cool Breeze Bloxx provides you with some serious air movement to keep you even more cool than you already are! Heavy duty mounting Bloxx paired with a 24”  variable speed, oscillating, outdoor rated, High-Velocity fan will have you with the coolest dock around!

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from durable aluminum and powder coated steel construction, rust-resistant grille. Premium Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO) ball bearing motor. Extra-long 10 FT SJTW power cord. 1.7 AMPS, 1100 RPM, 7600 CFM, 120V, 200 Watts, 60 Hz, 1/4 HP. cETL Safety listed. GFCI type plug is used to meet the U.S. outdoor electrical safety requirements.1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Air delivery with 2 speed settings 7600/6750 CFM. With a heavy duty thermally protected direct drive open air over ball bearing motor. 70 degrees left and right oscillation, and allows fixed head positioning, 25 degrees vertical tilting angle. 69 Decibels maximum.

Hooked on Bloxx

Price:  $149

Make your time on the dock a little more fun with Hooked on Bloxx! Attach our Hook and Ring game to any dock post for hours of fun! Get Hooked on DockBloxx!

Universal Bloxx

Price:  $49

A simple solution for managing most things dockside. Includes (2) Heavy Duty velcro straps for managing Shoe Power Cords, Ski Ropes, Extension Cords, Hoses, etc.

ECOXGEAR Waterproof Speakers

EcoExtreme 2


A fan favorite is finally back and in a larger format to fit today’s phones. IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth® speaker with compact, rugged styling & space for your stuff! Featuring a booming 15W speaker, the EcoExtreme has incredible sound in a portable package, and is still tough enough for every outdoor adventure. Includes an EcoTalk button for Google and Siri voice activation.


Price:  $199.99

The EcoJourney is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker integrated with a dry case that’s 100% waterproof (IP67), drop proof, sand and dirt proof. It’s large enough to hold your phone, tablet, keys, wallet and more. Featuring a 65W speaker output, it provides incredible sound in a portable package while tough enough for every outdoor adventure. To provide excellent audio quality we utilized a 3-way speaker design with 1 x coaxial speakers to handle vocals and midrange and a dedicated Woofer. The EcoJourney has a built in 20,000mAh lithium Ion battery to charge your portable devices and up to 50 hours of playtime. Control all your audio without touching your phone. Answer phone calls and utilize Siri or Ok Google with the EcoTalk button.

EcoBoulder Max

Price:  $249.99

The EcoBoulder Max Bluetooth Speaker is 100% waterproof, submersible, and even floats. Let it sit outside in the rain or snow or drop it in a river – it keeps on playing. The EcoBoulder Max wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with up to 100ft of range. A simple touch of the EcoTalk button activates the built-in microphone connecting you with Siri or ok Google voice assistants. 120 watts of peak output power, containing an 8” main Driver, 3” tweeter plus an oval passive subwoofer for a balanced, full sound with crisp highs, clear vocals, warm midrange, and deep bass. Includes AUX in & USB charge port, AM/FM radio with 5 presets. Up to 50 hours of Playtime/100 Hours Standby. Wirelessly connect up to 50 EcoBoulder Max’s with EcoCast.



The SoundExtreme powersports sound bar and LED lighting system is perfect for your ATV/UTV, boat, and golf cart. 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirtproof. 500 watts of power to 8 marine grade speakers provides a great listening experience. With our EcoCast feature connect up to 50 Sound Extremes at a time!  Patent Pending.

SoundExtreme SEB

Price:  $499.99

The SoundExtreme SEB 26″ has all the features of the original.  Now with Long lasting Lithium Ion battery pack.  Easy install, no longer need to connect to the 12v battery source.  The powersports sound bar and LED lighting system is perfect for your ATV/UTV, boat, and golf cart. 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirtproof. 500 watts of power to 8 marine grade speakers provides a great listening experience. With our EcoCast feature connect up to 50 Sound Extremes at a time!  Patent Pending.

SoundExtreme AC to DC home power supply – 10 amp

Price:  $39.99

Enjoy your ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme Soundbar on your favorite powersports vehicle and by your pool, backyard patio and workshop with this convenient AC/DC 10 amp power adapter.  The SAE power quick connector easily connects and disconnects your SoundExtreme for fun anywhere in and around your home.  The SoundExtreme power adapter plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet.  This adapter is for home use only, keep away from water.

Bracket Buddy Dock Accessories

  • Easily Accessorize Your Dock Without Drilling Holes!
  • Easily Adjust Your Accessories or Move Them From One Slip to Another.
  • Community Dock Friendly.
  • Stainless Steel Construction / Corrosion Resistant / Excellent Quality

360 Degrees Tilt Fan


Large Hose Hook

Price:  $99.99

6" Dock Cleat

Price:  $149.99

Kayak Storage Rack


Paddle Board Mount

Price:  $359.99

Paddle Rack

Price:  $159.99

Easy Grip Handle

Price:  $145.00

Adjustable Rod Kit

Price:  $105.00

Adjustable Flag Kit

Price:  $105.00

Fan Mister

Price:  $42.50

TV Mount Kit

Price:  $137.50

4 Rod Holder

Price:  $105.00

Towable Tether Ring

Price:  $49.99

Arm Bracket Mount

Price:  $137.50

Large Bracket Buddy

Price:  $74.50

Small Bracket Buddy

Price:  $47.50

Slip Assist

Slip Assist

Price:  $1,995

Lift Assist

Price:  $549 – $849

Standard Remote


  • Emergency Handles
  • Remote Controlled
  • Safety Valve Drivers


  • 1 Valve
  • 2-Valve
  • 3-Valve (3 Tank Lift)
  • 4-Valve (4 Tank Lift)

Colors Available:

  • White with Blue Lid
  • White with Black Lid (Opaque)
  • White with Gray Lid
  • White with Yellow Lid
Starting Price:  $1,620.00

Generation 3 Pro


  • Faster Operation
  • Even Easier to Use
  • Emergency Handles
  • Remote Controlled
  • Safety Valve Drivers
  • Smart Controls
  • Lift Monitoring
  • Programmable Positions
  • Remote Lighting Option from Key Fob: Dock Lights, Ambient or Cove Theatre Lighting


  • 1 Valve
  • 2 Valve
  • 3 Valve (3 Tank Lift)
  • 4 Valve (4 Tank Lift)

Colors Available:

  • White with Blue Lid
  • White with Black Lid (Opaque)
  • White with Gray Lid
  • White with Yellow Lid
Starting Price:  $2,450.00

Manual Boxes


  • Full Port Valves
  • Handle Stops

Sizes Available:

  • 1-Valve
  • 2-Valve
Starting Price:  $775

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